The Adidas Forum that’s bound to be a fav!

Behold this black and white beauty; a set of kicks so slick you’ll need nothing but one look to be hooked. We’ve just got our hands on the Adidas Forum Low, which also come in mid and hi-tops, did you know? The hi variety is where it all began, back in 1984, when Michael Jordan paraded a pair on the court. Still dripping in retro, hardwood style, these latest editions are a must-have for your sneaker collection.

It may have been born in the basketball arena, but this style has since morphed into a street and urban legend, with numerous collaborations, colorways and shapes released over the years. This pair features a leather upper, laces for breathing room, and a rubber outsole to add the extra comfort that you deserve. With that famous trefoil logo hanging out on the tongue and down on the sides, your style cred will be sky high.

Speaking of, that’s just the level Jordan was when he introduced the world to the Forum during the ’84 U.S. Olympic Trials. That moment was a piece of sports history that paved the way for this classic shoe to become one of the most prominent basketball silhouettes of the ’80s.

At the time, Adidas had already enjoyed b’ball shoe success, with the Top 10, which it released in 1979, and was worn by the top ten NBA players of the era. Their pursuit had to keep going in the eyes of French, Adidas footwear designer, Jacques Chassaing, who was eager to out-do their previous creations. He took the time, months in fact, to observe athletes during games and practices, with his learnings playing a crucial role in his design of the Adidas Forum. With elements from other Adidas shoes, for example, the Concord and the Americana, the Forum’s innovation was in its Criss-Cross Ankle System, which helped prevent foot injuries; plus, its patented Dellinger Web, a nylon netting around the midsole, there for shock absorption.

These icons weren’t just functionally fab, they had an aesthetic tinted with somewhat of luxury, thanks to their leather uppers and leather straps. Hence, upon their release, the Forums were the most expensive basketball shoe in history, priced at US$100 a pair which, back then, was unheard of for a pair of sneakers.

Luckily, you won’t have to fork out too much more than that to secure yours!

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