DGK All the Way!

Dirty Ghetto Kids (or as we know them, DGK) launched into the skateboarding scene, but have since flown their fierceness into the broader street-style arena, becoming a household name, no matter what hood you’re in. Their eye-catching, cutting-edge, tongue-in-cheek and innovative designs are instantly recognisable, unlike the characters that often feature in them, who don masks most of the time! We’ve just dropped a fresh batch from this wicked crew, so swoop in fast and upgrade your stash…

First up, take a peek at the Sunday Sweat Hoodie, featuring four, furry pals taking it easy with a sip here and a banana there. Is that a dummy we spot in the mouth of the one in the wheelchair? No way we’re making a joke of it, that guy’s a bear and we’d hate to turn it grizzly! This hoodie is 100% cotton, so don’t worry, you’ll be feeling safe and snug.

The next newbie you’ve got to suss is the Working Sweat Hoodie. It’s perfect for all those who like to live a lush life, with piles of cash, sparkling gold, and velvety, red sheer curtain proudly on display.

What will you sport underneath these hoodies? Any of these awesome, new DGK tees of course!

The Addition Tee creates a sense of action, a real “time is money” vibe, with cash in bundles and hands-a-counting, plus a shiny watch in sight. It’s nothing on the shine of the Golden Blessings Tee though! Just look at the twinkle of that prayer-position and all its adornments. We wonder if the person behind them is praying that those rose thorns don’t prick. We know you’ll be praying your size is in stock if this beauty is your top pick!

For a look that makes you feel part of the action, go for the In the Bricks Tee. This gnarly street scene is inviting yet shady at the same time. What do you say? You taking this design for a ride?

Lastly, go check out the Burner Tee, featuring a bundle of goodies that every hustler needs; a wad of cash, a chunky ring, a key to a flashy set of wheels, and a burner phone so old there’s no way that thing’s getting tracked!

We hope your tracks are headed for the store, because these new DGK stunners are guaranteed to sell fast…




DGK Sunday Sweat Hoodie
DGK Working Sweat Hoodie
DGK Addition Tee
DGK Golden Blessings Tee
DGK In the Bricks Tee
DGK Burner Tee