Classic look now Vegan-friendly!

Kind souls turn to kind soles… okay, the vegan leather aspect of these shoes is actually featured on the upper, but you get the picture! Perhaps Reebok’s most iconic design, the Classic Leather, has been given a makeover for the modern buyer. Staying true to the original, but updated with materials for today, these Classic Vegan kicks will be your go-to, no matter the occasion.

Born in the 80’s, specifically 1983, the Reebok Classic Leather, was the first in this legendary brand’s collection to put casual style over on-track performance. Their latest releases still ooze all that retro appeal, presenting all the expected classic details, like a clean Vector design and that Union Jack tied to the logo, in a simple yet striking manner.

Reebok’s current base is Boston, USA, but the brand was founded in England, back in 1958, by brother duo, Joe and Jeff Foster. They were carrying on a footwear-manufacturing, family tradition, as their grandfather’s shoe company, J.W.Foster, launched in 1895, and was known for creating one of the first track shoe spikes.

Continuing the theme of ‘firsts,’ Reebok introduced iconic fitness shoe, the Freestyle, in 1982. It was the first athletic sneaker designed specifically for females. No wonder they were a hit, with all the aerobic dance and fitness crazes going on back then! Reebok was simply giving the people what they knew they wanted. That’s why these Classic Vegans are bound to be a hit, because the current movement for a ‘greener’ world is mighty. Those who want that leather look but don’t want to sacrifice their values of fighting animal-cruelty, for fashion, can now have it all with the Classic Vegan design.

Speaking of animals, did you know the founding brothers of Reebok discovered inspiration for the brand’s name from the ‘Grey Rhebok’, a species of African Antelope? They had set sights on the name “Mercury” but were having copyright complications!

There’s nothing complicated about what your next move should be… head to the store and secure your size in these stunning sneakers (note: sizes are listed in Mens US)!

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