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Aussies just love their Cons and it’s obvious why, when you look at their classic shoe design. Our West Brothers online store, and Perth hub both have a huge range of shoes from Converse Australia to choose from. When you’re in need of footwear, you just can’t do any better than treating yourself to these classic and comfy kicks. From the Chuck Taylor Hi leather range to the easy-going All-Star lows, we have every core style available in full sizes starting from infants all the way up to size 15 US Men’s. We’re sure there’s something in the Converse Australia range that you’ll fall in love with.

Going for stark white or totally black designs will make you supreme fashion royalty whether you are at work, school, gym or hitting the town. There’s a style fit for any occasion in the Converse Australia collection. For that strong statement of an all-black look, go check out the Chuck Hi Leather in black monochrome. Featuring a leather upper, vulcanized rubber sole and medial eyelets for enhanced durability, they’ll feel just as good as they look. You can pair them up with almost any outfit, whether you’re going for a grungy vibe, or a slick, city look, you can't go wrong with these on your feet!

If you’d rather keep things light and breezy, then the white, leather look is for you. They’ve got stripes of red and blue at the sole, giving them a subtle sporty spirit. You could totally hit the courts in them, but just don’t step in too many puddles! While we’re on the Hi note, let’s talk about the Hi Chucks in saffron yellow. These beauties are destined to land on the feet of those who are destined to stand out from the crowd! They’ll add brightness to everyone’s day as you strut the streets. Don't forget to pickup some Crep shoe cleaning products so you can take the best possible care of your new kicks!

Of course, if you prefer to keep a low profile, Converse have you covered too. The All Star Low is the shoe for you. These ones have a canvas upper for lightweight, flexible comfort.

If you live in Perth, Western Australia and you would prefer to check out our awesome range of Converse shoes in the flesh, then be sure to come say hi to us at our mega store; located inside of The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre, in Mirrabooka on Yirrigan Drive; right in the heart of Perth. We have been there since 1992, and to this day remain proud stockists of Converse Australia footwear. Since the brand was first created, it remains a trustworthy, affordable and stylish go-to for your sneaker needs. If you are not located in Perth or you just love the ease of online shopping, no sweat at all! At West Brothers we offer free shipping within Australia on all orders over $99, as well as very affordable Express Courier options for those of us that just cannot wait to get our hands on our freshest picks! Customers living outside of Australia need not worry either! We also offer international shipping options that start from just $11.95 for express delivery to New Zealand. Too easy bro!

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Buy Converse Shoes Online in Australia

Check out the answers to some of our customer's most frequently asked questions about Converse shoes:

What Is the Difference Between Converse and Chuck Taylors?

Chuck Taylors are actually a specific type of Converse shoe and one of their most popular and iconic styles.

Chuck Taylors originated as basketball shoes and were worn widely for this purpose during the 20th century. Its namesake, Chuck Taylor, was an American basketball player who doubled as a Converse salesman, helping the company develop shoes that provided appropriate traction and support to sports stars. 

These days, Chuck Taylor shoes are a timeless classic for anyone looking for a cool and stylish sneaker. With iconic colours, Chuck Taylors have long been a favourite of skateboarders, hip-hop artists, and streetwear lovers alike. With a flexible canvas upper body that ensures good breathability and optimal durability, few sneakers are quite as versatile or comfortable as Chuck Taylors.

West Bros' selection of Converse shoes features Chuck Taylor sneakers in a variety of materials, including leather and canvas. Browse our website today to learn more.

Why Are Converse Shoes Good for Your Feet?

Staying comfortable and supported in your kick is key. Investing in supportive shoes that offer long-term stability, cushion, and arch support can drastically reduce the strain on your body and minimise injury. 

Converse shoes provide superior comfort and support for your feet. With their unique signature style and materials, you can be sure your feet will stay secure and safe throughout the day. Plus, with the variety of colours and designs available, you won't have to sacrifice style points either! 

Converse shoes feature a rubber sole that provides an extra layer of protection and flexibility to ensure maximum comfort no matter what surfaces you encounter. 

So don't compromise on your look while keeping your feet healthy — black Converse shoes are the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Should Converse Shoes Be Tight or Loose?

Finding the right fit is key to looking and feeling your best when wearing these iconic classics. Going too tight can cause uncomfortable pinching while going too loose could leave you slipping and sliding. Thankfully, finding that perfect fit isn't rocket science — you need to make sure there's just a tiny bit of wiggle room for your toes but not so much that your foot gets lost in the shoe. 

Converse itself recommends sizing down slightly when purchasing the Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck Taylor 70 shoes, as these tend to come in a larger fit.

For other styles, simply opt for your regular size. 

How to Wear Socks With Your Converse Shoes

To start with, it's always a good idea to wear socks with your Converse shoes. While the no-socks style might look good, you're likely to leave an unpleasant smell in your shoes that can be very difficult to eliminate. No-socks also increase the risk of blisters.

You can wear no-show socks, which are designed to be invisible and sit just below the ankle line. 

Alternatively, consider choosing a style of sock that fits snugly and rises above the top of the shoe for a stylish, polished look. 

How Do You Wear Jeans With Converse?

Jeans and leather Converse are a classic combination that will never go out of style. 

When planning your outfit, start by considering your preferred style of jeans. Slim-fit or skinny jeans can be paired with low-cut sneakers for a smart, cohesive outfit.

Slightly baggier jeans with a cuff that ends above the ankle go well with high-top Converse for the ultimate streetwear outfit. 

Of course, you can always mix and match to find your preferred style that reflects your unique personality and fashion sense. 

Why Do Powerlifters Wear Converse Shoes?

Converse shoes may not have been designed for powerlifters, but their unique design means they're perfect for people engaging in this popular sport. 

Powerlifters know that Converse shoes bring more than street cred and cool style — they provide serious strength-lifting power. Thanks to their low profiles and durable construction, Converse kicks are much closer to the ground, giving lifters an enhanced ability to control their balance. Not to mention, the iconic ridged rubber sole has a grip like none other — it won't let go until that's what you want! 

So if you're looking for dependable lifting support with an undeniable edge, switch up your sneaks with a pair of these iconic bad boys and watch your powerlifting performance soar.

Why Are Converse All Stars So Popular?

Few types of shoes are quite as iconic as Converse All Stars. People of all ages and backgrounds don their Converse for a variety of purposes, from a casual day out to crafting the ultimate streetwear look.

Converse All Stars have been a staple of urban design and have inspired countless knock-offs — none of which come close to the originals! With classic details like high tops, durable canvas, and countless colours that match any outfit, it's clear why these classic shoes are always in style. 

From fashion shows to streetwear, Converse All Stars are comfortable enough for daily wear and cool enough to make a stylish statement wherever you go. 

What Converse Do Celebs & Kpop Idols Wear?

There's no doubt that the popularity of Converse shoes has a lot to do with who is wearing them — which is pretty much everyone! Converse shoes — particularly the high-top All Stars — are routinely seen on the red carpet, paired with everything from dresses to suit pants. 

Once they reach a certain status level, it's not unheard of for celebrities to have their very own Converse line of limited-edition shoes, which they're certainly going to be seen donning.

Whatever style of Converse your favourite celebrities are wearing, you can rest assured they're available to purchase at West Bros. Browse the complete collection of sneakers from Converse and other popular streetwear brands on our website today.