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Havaianas Australia

You know summer has hit when the first thing you want to do is burn your work shoes and slip into a a cool pair of Havi's, we get it, Aussies were born to wear shorts and thongs and there is nothing worse than having to force your feet into a pair of work clobbers for 9 hours a day when it is 40 degrees outside in the shade, have some mercy! That is why at West Brothers we make sure we always keep a steady supply of Havaianas Thongs in stock, though you could just go the cheap pair of pluggers, you know they are not gonna last you through the whole of summer, that is why Havaianas Australia have created the perfect, functional thong, it is lightweight, it feels bloody good on your feet and they look pretty damn flash too. Available in Mens and Womens sizes there is certain to be a style to suit every bloke and sheila through the whole of summer. Get 'em dirty? Hose 'em down mate, chuck 'em in the bottom shelf and they are ready to go for the next summer heat wave.

If you need to check out our range of Havaianas Thongs before you commit the hard earned dollars feel free to come visit us at our West Brothers store, you can find us inside The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre in Perth, we don't just stock thongs from havaianas australia either, we have a store chockablock full of some of the nicest streetwear and urban wear gear you've seen, we have loads of clothing, sneakers, watches, bags, wallets and heaps more, including over 600 styles of hats. Don't forget the hat this summer, like they say slip, slop, slap, no one wants to look like a tomato after spending too long at the beach while trying to shed that winter white coat.

West Brothers offer Free shipping on all Aussie orders over $100 - sweet, plus we have pretty affordable international shipping options that start from only $9.95 for express delivery to our bros from New Zealand, Chur! We know it isn't just us Aussies that have to bear the brunt of the sun every summer, so wherever you live we can get you kitted up with a sweet as pair of havaianas thongs from our havaianas australia range in no time at all mate.

Another great feature at West Brothers you should get on is LayBuy, Afterpay and Zip Pay. These awesome payment options let you pay your orders from us over time instead of all at once, and we ship you your order immediately before it's even paid off - how good is that? Your order just gets split into either weekly, fortnightly or monthly Interest Free installments and you pay it off 'til it's done. No jokes, just Buy Now and Pay Later with Afterpay, LayBuy and Zip Pay, what a ripper way to shop!

Any questions about any of our havaianas thongs or if you just want to shoot the breeze about havaianas australia or anything else we have in stock, you could just have a whinge about the heat, we hear you - hit us up via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the website and one of our crew will get back to you quick smart. Cheers!

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