Funko 5" Gold Premium Vinyls

Take The Beef From The Streets To Your Display Shelf!

Are you an admirer of old-school Hip Hop and all that spicy beef that got caught in between? It may be time to get your hands on some new-school memorabilia… If you’re yet to discover the big joy found in little toys, then damn you’re in for a treat!

Funko is a brand based in downtown Everett, Washington State, and they’re the leading creators and innovators of licensed pop culture products, catering to a variety of passionate fans. They design, source and distribute highly sought-after collectibles across an array of categories including vinyl figures, action toys, plush toys, apparel, housewares and accessories. The goal is to give the people a way to make their fandom tangible! Perhaps, you’re a seasoned collector already, and you’re waiting for us to get to the point? Then, we’ll cut to the chase and reveal our latest additions to our Funko Pop Vinyl range; so you can go ahead and release your “fan-girl” squeal! 

The new guys on the block are these super fierce, limited edition, Gold Premium 5” figures! We’ve got Hip Hop’s biggest and littlest legends; from Biggie to Lil Wayne; plus Tupac and Ice Cube. If these hot names aren’t enough, the boxes these beauties come in are black and metallic gold so they’re sure to draw eyes in all facets. We suggest you act fast ‘cause these are only available while stocks last!

The Tupac figure is sporting the rap-god’s signature bandana look, paired with shirtless swag and ‘killer’ kicks. Oops, that word carries weight, but trust us we only have praise for this timeless great! That’s why he deserves a top shelf place in your home space! If you want to give him some company up there, why not get his pal and/or rival; the Notorious BIG? His figure wears all white, showing off his classy, ‘King’ status in a sharp suit and top hat.

From the biggest in the game, to a legend with size in his name; we’re talking of course, about Lil Wayne. This guy’s mini-me is totally poppin’ in a contrasting red and blue outfit. His hair is flowing just like his verses, and his vest is sleeveless to show off his tatted arms.

Last, but not least on the list of our latest vinyl must-haves, is icon; Ice Cube. While BIG wears all white, the Cube goes for all black. This look shows that while he may be cool, he’s not afraid to get down and dirty, so you better stand back!

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on a lyric legend today!


Funko 5 Gold Premium Vinyl Gold Tupac


Funko 5 Gold Premium Vinyl Ice Cube