How to Keep your Sneakers Clean

Sneaker obsessives will go to some pretty extreme lengths to keep their rare kicks looking completely spotless. This can even include never wearing them, but where's the fun in that? These dudes are are more proficient in using baby wipes than most new mothers; and lord knows they'll need to consult at least three different weather apps before they dare leaving the house each day. There is certainly no doubt: sneaker aficionados take their sneakers damn seriously.

However, the rest of us just want to know how to easily keep our sneakers cleaner for longer, without having to spend a fortune on cleaning products – and what to do when a sneaker lovers disaster strikes in the form of muddly puddles, mystery party stains or worse.

Long gone are the simple days when we would simply pop our dirty Converse canvas sneakers first into a pillowcase and then chuck them into the washing machine. Modern times demand modern solutions. Check out our guide below to help you on your way to Sneaker cleaning perfection.


#1 Spot Cleaning
Knock those soles together a few times (outside of course!) to dislodge any dirt and other clingers, and then use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any superficial marks, or try the Crep Protect Eraser for those more stubborn marks. Jason Markk Quick Wipes are perfect for giving your kicks a once over when you're on the go or travelling. For rubber soled shoes, try using a damp Magic Eraser.
#2 Deep Cleaning
Remove the laces from your shoes and set them aside for later.
Apply a few drops of Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner onto a wet shoe brush, ensure you only use a soft brush - we strongly recommend sticking to Jason Markk and Crep brushes, they're designed exactly for the task ahead -  shake off and excess moisture and then gently scrub all over your sneakers until a foam forms. Pay extra attention to the hard to get to placed and be sure to work gently on delicate areas such as mesh or suede. Once you're happy that you've thoroughly cleaned the entire sneaker, you can wipe them off with a towel, ensuring that you get the majority of the moisture off and then let them air dry. If they need a second clean just repeat the process until you're happy. When drying canvas shoes, dab and twist with a towel to help lift any stains and to better dry the canvas.

Let your sneakers rest until they're completely dry - never leave them in direct heat when drying.
#3 Fresh Laces
While a fresh pair of laces will no doubt instantly lift the appearance of your sneakers, it's not always practical to do this every few months so instead we can give them a clean with the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner or the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit . Apply a small amount of the cleaning solution with water into a bowl big enough to fit the laces, drop the laces in the bowl and massage them with your fingers, run them between your fingers from end to end ensuring they're completely covered in cleaning solution, apply a gentle amount of pressure to ensure they're fully absorbing the cleaner and the pressure should work out any dirty. Repeat a few times until you're happy, then wring the moisture out and hang them up somewhere safe to dry.


#4 Protect them
After you given your freshly cleaned kicks some time to naturally dry (never put them in direct heat as it may cause warping), lay down a clean towel to put your shoes on, and then give those sneakers a liberal spray with Jason Markk Repel Continuous Spray or Crep Protect, ensuring to coat every part of the shoes. Be clear to follow the instructions on the bottle for the recommended distance when spraying. Once the first coat is dry, hit them with another thorough spray for that extra protection.


#5 Store them
For those super valuable kicks it's always best to have a plan when it comes to storing them when you're not wearing them. A good method is to insert tumble dryer fabric sheets into the insides of your shoes to help draw out any moisture, an added plus is that they will deodorize them at the same time – this is extra handy if you prefer wearing your sneakers without any socks. For extra freshness try some Crep Pills. The ideal way to keep your sneakers minty fresh is to keep them stored in their original box, and pop them into a dust bag if you want to go the extra measure. You could even take a photo of your shoes and attach them to the outside of the box for reference if you don't expect to be wearing them again any time soon.


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