Pick Pastel or Bright, and Slide into Summer Right with Adilette Lite

adilette Lite womens

Those easy breezy, balmy days and nights are making their way to shore, from the horizon of Summer in Australia. That means it’s time to check your wardrobe and ensure you’re fully kitted out with hot weather essentials. But, where do you begin? Well, you’ve taken the first step in the right direction by landing here at West Brothers. We suggest your next move is to slide on over to our new stock of adidas Women’s Adilette Lite Slides. After all, you’ve got to keep things light, in life and on your feet!

Of course, you could opt for a classic pair of thongs or ‘flip flops,’ but if you want to keep up with the trends and give the gap between your big toe and second toe some room to breathe, then it only makes sense to snap up a pair of super cool slides. They’re not bound to Summer season either. Simply, slip into a pair of your fav socks, glide into your slides and you’ll be set to hit the streets in style. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself relying on these beauties all year round. They’re the perfect fit for grocery runs, or just shuffling around the house.

So, what about those Adilette Lite Slides we mentioned? Well ladies, be prepared to line up, because these comfy must-haves, in such stunning colourways are sure to get plenty of attention! First up, take a peek at the Purple Tint/Violet Tone option. This is the perfect choice for those of you who don’t like to pick sides between the generic pink or blue. If you do love yourself some pink, then you can stick to the pastel vibes in the Clear Pink/Light Pink or Pink Tint/Cloud White pairs. If you would rather stand out a little more, than take things up a notch in a darker Hazy Rose/White design. Otherwise go sky high, in the Clear Sky/Cloud White look. These will pair perfectly with any outfit.

A poolside essential since 1972, these latest adidas Adilette Lite Slides take the collection into the now, and beyond. Whatever colour you choose, you’ll be blown away by an extra-soft footbed that cradles your feet for all-day comfort. Meanwhile, the iconic Trefoil logo stands out proudly on the upper, so you can walk proudly; repping nothing but the best.


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