Stride smooth in PUMA SUEDE

These kicks in eye-catching Spectra Yellow aren’t just a treat for the eyes and feet, they’re a slice of history too. The world-famous PUMA SUEDE arrived on the scene in 1968 and has been changing the game ever since. Perhaps you know this style by another name, because in its 50 years of life, this shoe has been given multiple titles. It was first called the PUMA CRACK. Why?

Well, back then, “CRACK” was a term dedicated to a very skilful person; probably the equivalent of today’s “G.O.A.T” phrase. To be called the “CRACK” of your sports team meant you were the best. So, of course, tagging a pair of shoes with that name would provide a sense of superiority and attract fans all-round.

Around the time of 1968, people hadn’t become accustomed to wearing sneakers casually. They were still seen as purpose built for training and sports, which is why the shoe’s next name was devoted to basketballer, Walt “CLYDE” Frazier. Yep, the sneaker design became PUMA CLYDE in 1972 when an endorsement deal was made with the popular player. He wanted a low fitting design to play in but also wanted to wear a different colourway in each game, which meant about 390 colours were created! That’s why PUMA chose to make the shoe out of suede leather, because they knew that was the easiest material to dye.

The end of the 70’s arrived, and Frazier’s contract came to an end. Taking the shoe internationally meant a name change was required since PUMA didn’t have worldwide rights for the name “CLYDE.” So, it was decided “SUEDE” will do. True fans may also know that the shoe was donned PUMA STATES for a while in the UK, because of its unique American aesthetic.

No matter what you call them, this classic look has been worn by icons of every generation, and it’s time you get your feet in a pair. This fresh, modern version with that transparent sole and glowing hue is just calling for YOU…

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