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Dickies Pants

When you need to work, Dickies will do the job every time. We love stocking this brand at West Brothers because they are so practical and so useful in everyday life. From cargo shorts with belts to loose fit work pants, and to the original work pants, there’s everything you need here to get you through the working week. Whether your job involves sitting in an office, walking around, or even driving a vehicle, Dickies Pants have you covered – literally. Shop the Dickies Pants range in the West Brothers online store and make your work wardrobe that much more practical, comfortable, and reliable. You won’t doubt the quality.

What Are the Dickies Pants That Everyone Wears?

There are multiple popular styles of Dickies work pants. However, the traditional Dickies 874 pants are the bestselling style that has shot up in popularity over the past few years. The 874 pant has the loosest fit of the straight-leg collection, along with a durable twill blend that remains sturdy and comfortable. These pants are built to last, and you won’t be getting rid of them any time soon.

Another popular option that many people reach for is the Dickies Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pants. These carpenter pants offer a wide-leg fit, allowing for lots of movement and getting down and dirty. The double knee adds years of wear to its life, so they’ll be your work buddy for a long time!

Why Are Dickies Pants Popular Among Skaters?

There’s a reason why so many skaters opt for Dickies. Dickies cargo pants not only make for great workwear but are also ideal for skateboarding. Because of their durable nature, they’re the perfect match for hitting the skate park on weekends. In addition, the tough material and extra padding on pants such as the Dickies Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant and the Dickies WP918 Slim Fit Double Knee Pant mean that your knees are extra protected from rough falls caused by trying out new tricks. But Dickies skater pants aren't just there to safeguard you; their classic design is both stylish and versatile, giving you confidence both on and off the board

Why Do People Fold Dickies Pants?

Dickies are popular among both men and women. While there are Dickies pants made specifically for women’s measurements, many women prefer the baggier fit that the men’s and unisex styles provide. Because the fit of these styles is tailored to men’s bodies, women have found ways to style men’s Dickies pants to fit their bodies and aesthetics. One of these ways consists of folding down the waistband of the pants to have them sitting low-waisted for a y2k, early 2000s look. Folding the waistband exposes the white interior and Dickies logo, creating a belt-like contrast to the exterior colour of the pant.

What Do 874, 873, 872 & 803 Mean in Dickies?

Dickies pants come in a wide variety of styles, and the names can be pretty confusing. Rather than having names with the style detail within them, Dickies opts for numbers with many of their popular styles instead, including 874, 873, 872 and 803. But what do these styles mean?

  • 874: The 874 is Dickies’ Original Work Pant. This is their most popular style. It has a straight-leg fit and comes in both men’s and unisex sizes.
  • 873: 873 stands for the Dickies WP873 Slim Straight Fit Pant. Available in men’s and unisex sizing, these pants are a slimmer take on the original Dickies 874 pants. For the same fit with extra knee protection, Dickies has the WP918 Slim Fit Double Knee pant.
  • 872: The WE872 Slim Tapered Fit Pant is Dickies’ more fitted, tapered version of their classic work pant. This style is great for those who are after a sturdy pant that is also office-friendly attire.
  • 803: The Dickies 803 Slim Skinny Work Pant is now discontinued. They were Dickies’ skinniest fit of work pants, but are no longer available to purchase in retail stores.
  • Should I Wash Dickies Pants Inside Out?

    While Dickies pants are durable and designed to last, it’s still important to treat them with care so they can live their life to the max. If you treat your Dickies with love, they’ll love you back! It’s best to wash your Dickies inside out every time. Also, ensure you close all zips and openings before washing to prevent zips from weakening, extending their longevity. If your Dickies have knee pads, remove these before washing (unless the label says otherwise). Always read the label on the garment before washing.

    Can You Wear Dickies Pants Casually?

    Of course! Dickies pants aren’t restricted to only be worn as workwear. Many people buy Dickies for the sole purpose of wearing them casually! The relaxed, cargo-style fit makes for an awesome streetwear fit. There are also tapered and slim design pants available within the Dickies range if you want a more formal look. With this in mind, you can easily style up any of your favourite Dickies cargo pants with a t-shirt, sweater or hoodie to create an effortlessly cool look. 

    For when things start heating up in summer, Dickies still has you covered with their Loose Fit Work Short available in khaki and black. No matter what type of fit you’re going for, Dickies pants will be the perfect bottom half.

    Why Are Dickies Pants So Stiff?

    Dickies pants are made with durable, tough fabrics to outlast intense work, skating and lifestyles. They’re designed to be your lifetime wardrobe staple. However, because they’re made to stand the test of time, that means they can be a little stiff to begin with. The fabric breaks down and softens over time and with wear. Although that’s fine for some Dickies wearers, others prefer to soften them up as soon as they get their fresh pair. You can soften them by washing them with fabric softener. Another method is to scrunch them up, twist them and shake them around to break down the bonds that stiffen the fabric.

    What Fabric Are Dickies Pants Made of?

    Dickies make their trousers with premium cotton blends. This often includes a high percentage of Cotton and the remaining percentage being Polyester Poplin Twill. This material means that Dickies work pants are sturdy, strong and made to last. It will take a LOT of hard work and effort to damage these babies.

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