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A brand based on results, Crep are always researching new ideas and developing outstanding products to bring you the world's best shoe care range. Super easy to use, the Crep Protect Spray will guard your shoes from rain and stain, while the Cure will allow you to bring your dirtied sneakers back to life. This is a natural cleaning solution that will work hard to protect your prized sneakers but won't cost you, or the environment an arm and a leg.

West Brothers stock a great range of Crep products, including the Protect Spray, Pills, Mark On Marker and Wipes.

The travel size wipes are perfect for those unexpected marks when you're on the move. Individually sealed for freshness, the wipes feature a rough side for tougher stains and a soft side for general cleaning, so no matter what mess you’ve got yourself into, Crep will get you out of it! Extra bonus, these wipes come cotton-fresh scented so you’ll be looking good, and smelling good in no time. The Mark On Marker we mentioned has a 4mm bullet tip which allows pin point precision when restoring tired midsoles, or designing your own custom patterns. It’s white in colour, and only two coats are needed for your work to be on point!

We’ve got a question for you, and we want you to answer honestly… no judgement here! Do you find that your feet and/or shoes seem to be a little smelly from time to time? The struggle to keep your kicks as fresh as the day you bought them is real, and we’re here to help you on that quest. With the Protect Pill, you’ll have a new tool in your arsenal; one that helps keep smells away on a daily basis. To activate the Protect Pill, simply twist the capsule open and place it inside of your shoe – it’s that easy! You can leave it in for as long as you feel it’s necessary and when you’re done, twist the capsule closed. We told you Crep have got you covered! These Pills also look pretty cool too, in contrasting black and yellow. No embarrassment necessary.

Crep Protect's eraser provides convenient and effective cleaning for suede and nubuck footwear. Quick and easy to use, the gentle eraser offers effective cleansing and re-buffing of nubuck and suede leathers. Simply work the rubber into the affected areas and you’ll be good to go!

If you love yourself a bargain, and prefer to buy in bulk, then boy have we got the bundles for you! The Ultimate Box Pack is the supreme set when it comes to a shoe cleaning kit, for yourself or perhaps as a gift. It contains cleaning solution, a hog-hair brush, microfibre cloth, suede & nubuck eraser, freshening pills, and those wonderful wipes. They’ve also got a smaller set, containing just the cleaning solution, brush and microfiber cloth. Take your pick! 

We pride ourselves on superior customer service whether you are visiting our flagship store which is located in Perth, Western Australia at The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre in Mirrabooka, or shopping online from the comfort of your own home. We’ve been here since 1992, and when it comes to streetwear, we only know the hottest stuff! So, if there is anything you need help with when it comes to any of our shoe cleaning products or sneaker cleaning tips, please feel free to hit us up via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the website. Our streetwear experts will be ready and waiting to help you out.

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Did you know we also offer the convenience of Afterpay, LayBuy and Zip Pay? With all of these services you can buy any of the products on our website; you'll receive your order straight away and not have to pay a cent up front for your new cleaning products. Your payment is simply split into equal weekly, fortnightly or monthly interest free repayments, depending on the provider that you choose so that you can kick back and pay off your order in smaller, more manageable repayments. “Sign-me-up,” you say! Sure thing… you can do that at the West Bros checkout, or on the website of the payment-plan-provider of your choice. Easy-as!

Remember, Free Shipping applies on all orders over $99 if you’re based in the land of Aus, and for all our overseas bros, we offer very affordable shipping rates, starting at $11.95.

What Is Crep Protect?

Crep Protect is the only brand you need to keep your kicks looking fresh and clean. This brand is all about sneaker care, making products such as  sprays, eraser wipes, and cleaning kits that are specially formulated to protect and clean your shoes. The Crep Protect Eraser is a popular product that helps banish those pesty marks and stains from your sneakers, especially those made from suede and nubuck.

Crep Protect also offers a total cleaning kit that includes a cleaning solution and brush, allowing you to remove dirt and stains from your sneakers easily, as well as cleaning wipes. With Crep Protect, you can keep your sneakers looking new and protect them from everyday wear and tear. Whether you're a sneakerhead or just looking to keep your kicks looking fresh, Crep Protect is a popular brand that is worth checking out.

What Types of Products Does Crep Protect Offer?

Crep Protect has all of your shoe care needs covered, so you can be rocking your sneakers in spick and span condition for years to come. Crep Protect’s product range includes:

  • Crep Protect Wipes: No more dirty shoes on the go with these quick and convenient sneaker wipes - they're perfect for freshening up your kicks after a long day.
  • Crep Protect Sneaker Shields: Say goodbye to unsightly sneaker creases with these cool sneaker shields that'll keep your sneakers looking fresh and clean.
  • Crep Protect Eraser: Don't let dirt and scuffs get in the way of your style.Keep your sneakers looking brand new with Crep Protect's handy eraser.
  • Crep Protect Pills: Keep your sneakers smelling fresh and clean with Crep Protect's pills which absorb moisture and keep odours at bay.
  • Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit: Keep your sneakers looking fly and in tip-top shape with Crep Protect's cleaning kit. It's got everything you need to keep your sneakers clean and fresh, so you can step out in style.

What Is Crep Protect Spray?

Crep Protect Spray is a popular sneaker care product that creates an invisible protective barrier on your sneakers, helping to repel liquids and prevent stains. The spray is designed to be used on a variety of sneaker materials, including leather, suede, and canvas. With Crep Protect Spray, you can keep your sneakers looking fresh and crisp, no matter what life throws at them. Whether you're a sneakerhead or just looking to protect your favourite pair of kicks, Crep Protect Spray is a must-have for any shoe collection.

What Are Crep Protect Wipes?

Crep Protect Wipes are handy cleaning wipes that are perfect for shoe lovers who are always on the go. These quick and easy-to-use wipes are specially formulated to help you clean your sneakers and keep them looking fresh and clean. Whether you're running out the door or on the way to an event, Crep Protect Wipes are an essential item for keeping your kicks looking fly. No more worrying about dirt and scuffs ruining your style – with Crep Protect Wipes, you can always keep your sneakers in tip-top shape!

What Is Crep Protect Cure Kit?

The Crep Protect Cure Kit is a complete cleaning kit that is specially formulated to help you keep your favourite shoes looking fresh and clean. This kit includes a cleaning solution, brush, and microfiber cloth that are designed to remove dirt and stains from a variety of shoe materials, including leather, suede, and canvas. 

Whether you're trying to extend the life of your favourite sneakers or just keep your everyday shoes looking sharp, the Crep Protect Cure Kit has everything you need to keep your footwear in top condition. So, don't let dirt and grime get in the way of your style – get your hands on the Crep Protect Cure Kit and step out in clean, fresh shoes!

Is Crep Protect Safe to Use on All Types of Shoes?

Crep Protect is safe to use on a variety of shoe materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, and more. However, it's always a good idea to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of your shoes before using it on the entire surface to ensure that there are no adverse effects. It's also important to follow the instructions provided with the specific Crep Protect product you're using to ensure safe and effective use. 

With the right care and attention, Crep Protect can help keep your shoes looking fresh and clean, no matter what type of material they're made of. So, go ahead and give your shoes the care they deserve with Crep Protect!

Are Crep Protect Products Environmentally Friendly?

Crep Protect is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The brand uses natural ingredients in its products whenever possible and does not use any aerosol propellants. Crep Protect's packaging is also made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. In addition, the brand has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce waste and energy usage throughout its manufacturing and distribution processes. 

Crep Protect is actively working to reduce its environmental impact and make a positive difference in the sneaker care industry. If you're looking for a sneaker care brand that is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Crep Protect is a great choice.

So if you’re passionate about shoes and enjoy keeping them clean, shop Crep Protect online at West Brothers today!