Stussy Collection Of 2018

The psychedelic prints and patterns of the 60s and a combination of different military camouflage patterns marks the main elements of this year’s collection from Stussy Clothing. On the face of it, the connect might not seem so evident. But if one goes back to the youth movements of the 60s and 70s, you would recognise the elements of youthful rebellion and nonviolent subcultures of that era. And streetwear is nothing but a modern manifestation of young people identifying themselves with subcultures related to music, sports, fashion, therefore, it is no wonder that Stussy Australia, which is one of the iconic brands of streetwear worldwide, chose to adopt those heady years as their inspiration for this year’s collection. The great thing about the Stussy Women collection for Spring 2018 is that even if you have no desire to identify yourself with those creative times of the 60s, the cuts and designs of this collection would still make you look good. Let us bring you three examples of great designs from the collection.


Stussy Women's

  1. Pure in Pink: Open up any lookbook of the Stussy collection of 2018 and this combination is bound to leap out at you. The inner is a simple Stussy top in pink with bold, white stripes. Instead of a contrasting colour for the jacket above, Stussy has again gone in for pink with white patches of clouds on different parts of the jacket. Pair it with a tight fit denim and you are ready to rock the city.

  2. Stripes in Psychedelic: This is a layered combination, with a red and blue full sleeved t-shirt in blue and red all but covered by a mesmerising black and white print of the psychedelic checks which make your head reel if you stare too long at them. This combination needn’t go with denim always. A simple pair of pleated pants would actually allow the shirt and t-shirt to stand out.

  3. Safari Bomb: There was a time when safari suits and shirts were all the rage. Stussy doffs its hat at those memorable shirts in this layered design. A classic grey coloured safari shirt is used to provide a counterpoint to a multi-coloured full sleeved bomber jacket, and the effect is given a steady base with the help of a pair of denims and a broad belt. The perfect blend of colour and calmness!!

Stussy Australia,