How to Make Streetwear Smart

One of the most common types of urban clothing is called streetwear, and it refers to clothes which incorporate elements of a typical urban lifestyle into the cuts, weaves, and designs of the clothes. Hip-hop, surf fashion, skate culture, and even high fashion are all incorporated into street wear. Streetwear includes not only clothes, but many other aspects of urban wear like shoes, caps, and accessories. But many people wrongly consider streetwear to be something that has to look droopy and unkempt. That is not true at all, and streetwear can easily make the wearer look very smart. 

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The Basics of Streetwear

Traditionally, streetwear has consisted of loose fitting oversized clothes on top paired with a set of well-fitted denims. A common characteristic of smart looking streetwear is that it is not just a tee shirt and a track pant, but it has several layers to it. T-shirts, shirts and baggy jackets can all be worn one over the other to give you a smart streetwear look. An element of streetwear that often gets less attention than is due is footwear. Folks usually veer towards a clean white pair of kicks to provide a nice counterpoint to the coloured jackets and denims.

Popular Streetwear Brands

It becomes very tempting to overload a streetwear look with several streetwear brands together. That might not be such a great idea, and it is better to stick to only a couple of brands to help them stand out. There are many brands which offer you mix and match options to effect a great streetwear look. Generally, Stussy is considered the best streetwear brand, but there are several good ones available, like Bape, Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Carhartt, and so many others. You can combine the best from these brands to carve out your unique streetwear look.

How to Make Streetwear Smart

Like we said earlier, someone who wears streetwear doesn’t need to look as if he or she has just thrown on whatever piece of clothing was immediately available. A little thought into the combinations can ensure that the wearer of streetwear looks smart. Here are a few tips to use :

  • Streetwear can be easily teamed with other casual wear or even certain elements of work wear.
  • Apart from tops and bottoms, the right accessories and footwear are very important.
  • Try matching your streetwear combo to the person you are, instead of aping styles blindly.
  • Choose your brands with care and stick to a chosen few.