Our clothes define us. We are not only what we eat, but also what we wear. The way we look, therefore, may tell a lot about our personality and character. Among such a great variety of fashion styles and trends, why streetwear?


Yeah, it’s all about the comfort. The comfort matters. If you don't want to have think over and over again about how that blouse or button up dress shirt fits on you, consider a Streetwear tee.

It’s trendy.

We no longer live in a totalitarian society or a strict culture that demands we wear clothes that 'fit in with society' or correspond to modern times. Fashion nowadays matters a lot. We care what others think, we care what's fashionable - more importantly we care about how we feel when we wear what we wear.

It's the future.

Streetwear style will be a future dress-code in the office, much like the generations before us adorned the suit, tie and slacks - today and tomorrow is about Streetwear.

Be your own boss, get creative with your look - with so many stylish Streetwear brands available today you won't fall short of options - look at DGK, Stussy, The Hundreds, Retro Kings, adidas, Nike, Lonsdale, Nautica, Reebok, OG Abel, Crooks & Castles and Diamond Supply Co to name just a few.

West Brothers love Streetwear.