At West Brothers we love Nike in a big way.
Since 1964 these guys have been pumping out some of the finest sneakers on the face of the planet – bit’ve trivia for the fans, they were founded in 1964 as ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’! It wasn’t until 1978 that they became the footwear powerhouse we know today as ‘Nike’.
In 1985 these shoe boys came to real fame after signing the man, the GOT – Mr Michael Jordan – the Nike Air Jordan was born.

Today, Nike is one of the world’s major sportswear leaders and is hugely famous amongst the most popular athletes. The footwear designed and manufactured by Nike provides a hallmark of quality and efficiency. Nike sneakers come with an amazing benefits for athletes, they are also are also designed to be perfect-fit for the daily workout at the gym, a jog or a bit’ve pickup bball.

But what is it really that makes Nike so good?


Nike footwear is designed with a vision to reduce the weight of the shoes without compromising on athletic performance, hence, the shoes are made of inner soles filled with air. This helps athletes to dissipate less energy and reach their maximum performance.

Comfort and Fit: 

If there is a sole reason for the popularity of Nike shoes, it’s because of the superior comfort they offer to athletes. The shoes are designed in a flexible range of sizes from 4 to 18, both in regular and wide widths. The softer midsoles act like a cushion that helps to reduce the impact when running over hard objects and surfaces. 


This is the most important feature for any shoe because athletes have diverse performance requisites. Nike shoes are designed according to the athlete’s needs to help in improving their performance. Nike shoes can be best used when playing basketball, football, indoor tennis and badminton.


Nike shoes are designed with a unique air-cushioning system, so when your feet hit the ground this shoe will absorb the impact and protect your bones and joints from injury. The unique Nike air-cushioning system can also help athletes to boost their recuperation time as they get less strained after their workout. This also helps in preventing any short and long term injury or stress from occurring.


Durability is hugely important as athletes need a long lasting sole cushioning, with Nike footwear’s robust design a single pair of sneakers can go much farther before replacement. Athletes might anticipate that air filled inside the Nike Soles would filter away slowly due to changes in air pressure allowing the shoes to become less buoyant, but Nike guarantees that the air will continue to prevail inside the soles as long as athletes wear and train with Nike shoes.


Nike offers flexible sneakers that are specifically designed for various purposes. For example, the Nike Air shoes are made highly durable for training, running and walking, while the Nike Free range offer more flexibility and comfort than durability. Tennis players tend to use the Nike Zoom shoes as they are great for running, look stylish and are extremely comfortable. Likewise, different people have different reasons to buy shoes, but Nike makes their job so easy by offering high-tech and multipurpose sneakers in various sizes, designs, and colours. 

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