DGK have done it again!

We’ve just dropped a fresh batch of tees from DGK, and take our word, they are bound to be some hot-sellers; so, don’t delay and go get your favs in the cart today! If you’re a little out of the loop, the name DGK stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids and was thought up by founder Stevie Williams. He said after coming up with it, he never looked back or thought twice on the name. We’re positive you’ll feel the same after scoring yourself some of these threads…

What better way to ring in the upcoming Chinese New Year than with the DGK Good Fortune Tee? Only good things will come your way when wearing this beauty. The design shows a cupid-like character falling from the heavens along with bills, bills, bills. Look up to the sky and pray that your size is still in stock because they’ll be plenty of eyes on this one.

So, what do you do with all that money you’ve snatched? You put it in a stash of course! Show off your abundance with the DGK Stash Tee. The guy in this graphic is not afraid to show off his. This will give you all that ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ type of confidence.

After slogging it out at work all day, there’s no better feeling than kicking off your boots. That’s the vibe of this next tee you’ve got to suss. It’s the DGK Bounty tee; sporting a collection of all the best things.

The DGK Regime Tee is for those who aren’t afraid of a little fire; those who don’t hold back, and speak their mind. The graphic on this one sends a pretty strong message, so have no fear and slide into this one with pride.

Next up, we’ve got the DGK Dynasty Tee. It’s black like all the others, but the graphic’s monotone grey colour palette means it will match perfectly with anything. Wear it when you’re off to hang with your gang to show them how much you love being part of it, or wear it when you’re far away to keep them close to your heart. There’s no one you can count on more than them, right?

This last one lightens the mood a bit, with a more feminine style of graphic. We just love the patterns and pastel colours on this one; the DGK Koi Tee. Tropical vacation, here we come!


DGK Bounty Tee

DGK Dynasty Tee

DGK Stash Tee

DGK Regime Tee

DGK Good Fortune Tee

DGK Koi Tee