Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar Sneaker

Well known throughout the sneaker community, the Adidas Superstars truly are a must have wardrobe accessory for men and women alike.

First manufactured in 1969 the Superstar was originally released as a low top spin-off of the Adidas Pro Model volleyball shoe.

The Superstar has been referred to by many names - the clamtoe, the shelltoe, shell shoes, shell tops and sea shells because of the rubber shell like toe piece. The iconic shell design has actually been a major influence throughout sneaker culture.

While the design has pretty well stayed true to form over the years, Adidas has never been afraid to play with new colorways and material designs from time to time.

Anyway, these sneakers are the OG, if you haven't got a pair you should do yourself a favor and buy 3 today because they just look that good.


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