adidas POD-S3.1

2019 continues to roll on at a blistering pace (how is it May already?!), and with another month we have another new exciting release from the all stars at adidas.

Introducing the adidas POD-S3.1

This is one sexxy ass sneaker and it comes in two slick as colourways.

We threw the guantlet down to our staff, they road tested these babies for a week and then they gave us their thoughts.



What we loved

  • The POD keeps in form with the classic adidas sneaker style, but there's something sharp and gritty about it that makes me feel so good wearing them.
  • Comfy. So much Comfort. I could wear these to bed.
  • Well I have a pair in both colours now, so yeh, they're my new fav.
  • Loving the fit, it's so stylish and they've not compromised on the feel.
  • Wearing these to the gym, running and to work, super versatile.
  • Not usually an adidas fan - but these are something special, loving my POD's

The POD-S3.1 in a nut shell.

The adidas POD-S3.1 is a new model in the adidas lineup, always risky when a sneaker brand tries something new - but the interest has been impressive, adidas fans are loving the new look. The POD-S3.1 with it's modern design, Boost technology and superior comfort are a welcome addition to the West Brothers stable.

One first impression we felt this was at least a $199 sneaker, so hitting the RRP at $159.99, we were well impressed. It's not often you get such a well designed, high end looking sneaker for less than $200.


adidas POD-S3.1 White

Shop adidas POD-S3.1 White Black Here

adidas POD-S3.1

Shop adidas POD-S3.1 Black White Here