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It’s easy to decide what to wear to parties or to work, but casual attires can get boring sometimes. One of the best ways to keep your casual outfits looking stylish at all times is to get the best women’s casual shoes to look and feel dashing even when you are just running errands. 

Casual footwear for women can range from sneakers to slides, depending on your daily activities. For hanging out with friends or just hanging in, slides are a great way to stay comfortable with a subtle hint of style. However, sneakers are a more popular choice for all the right reasons: they go with most outfits, come in a variety of styles, and are definitely comfortable for all-day wear as they cover a range of activities from walking to running. West Brothers stocks the perfect casual shoes for any and all activities from your favourite  brands.

Which brand has the best casual shoes for women?

Puma, Reebok, and Adidas have the best variety of women’s casual shoes. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit the changing modern trends. Your individual taste matters the most when it comes to purchasing the right casual shoes because you would most likely wear those more than you would wear your formal footwear. 

One of our best-selling pairs by Adidas is the Adidas Womens Stan Smith - White / White / Gold Metallic. It is not only a hot style but also a green product that is at least half-made from recycled materials. The white colour makes it great for the summer season, especially when you are heading to the beach.

The PUMA Womens Pure XT Moto - Black / Gold is also a highly popular pair. Not only does it have such a high-end brand that does not compromise on quality, but also it looks sleek and classy for casual wear.  

What is the women's casual shoes trend for 2022?

2022 has brought an Insta-worthy trend of metallic design on footwear, especially with casual attire. Pose for your best photos with Adidas Women's Superstar - White / Gold Metallic and make a statement. You can also get this pair in Cloud White / Copper Metallic combo for a unique look to match your taste. 

Another hot trend is wearing leather shoes as casual footwear. They look sophisticated and chic, just like this Reebok Womens Classic Leather - Ecru / Gold that has a high-resistant rubber outsole to absorb the impact of heavier activities (like working out or running) while protecting your feet. 

What are casual wear shoes for women?

Casual wear shoes for women are lightweight footwear that makes daily activities less strenuous for your feet. They come in different styles and shapes, but something light and tiny like the Converse Dainty 2.0 - Black / White is a great choice that combines comfort and style. Wear these as your daily basics except when you’re doing high-intensity workouts or long runs. 

Which material is best for women's casual shoes?

There are many different materials used to make women's casual shoes, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Leather is a popular choice for casual shoes because it is durable and stylish. While leather shoes require special care to keep them looking their best, they are certainly the easiest to dress up. The Reebok Womens Club C 85 - Chalk / Sahara / Gold and Reebok Womens Classic Leather - Ecru / Gold are wildly loved choices by women for casual wear. 

Canvas is another popular choice for casual shoes. It is usually less expensive than leather, and it is often more comfortable but can be less durable than leather. So, there is no clear "best" material for women's casual shoes. The best material for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Head over to West Brothers collection of women’s casual shoes and shop from the highest quality brands that make you Insta-worthy anytime, especially with this black beauty: PUMA Womens Pure XT Moto - Black / Gold

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