Welcome in the New Year with WNDRR!

If you’re looking to bring in a little wow-factor to your 2022 wardrobe, then don’t go past these fresh additions from one of our favs; WNDRR. These guys always leave us wondering how they came up with such wicked designs, and we have no doubt you’ll have onlookers lost for words, when wearing them. Let us walk you through the tees you need to suss…

We’ll start with the Stomper Tee in your choice of Charcoal or Off White. The graphics on this one are big and bold, making the most of every inch of cotton-rich jersey; front and back. We see this being worn in a dance or skate battle, where all your 360° turns are matched by this 360° design. The orange highlight on both colourways makes the whole look pop, but if you prefer “the more the merrier” approach to colour, then perhaps the Southway Vert Stripe Tee is for you. You’ll be shining bright in bold stripe panelling of black, red, green, yellow and blue; giving you the confidence to show the world every shade of you! This tee is 100% premium cotton with ribbed stretch for next-level comfort, so feel free to get wild in this stunner.      

Looking for a more subtle, slightly classy way to stand out? WNDRR have all you cautious folk covered, with the Caution Panel Tee. You’ll blend in from behind with an all-black back, but up front, you’ll find a modern take on old-school colour blocking, with some grey and blue entering the action. Topped off with a small, minimalist logo on the chest-pocket region, this design can be dressed up to suit dinner and drinks outings. It’s also 100% premium cotton with that ribbed stretch fit, making it easy to have room for dessert!

If you want to tone things down even more, and add a basic black-and-white staple to your collection, then go check out the Icons Tee. Its classic WNDRR logo trio features large on the back, but small on the front. You may not turn as many heads in this one, but you’ll be repping a brand that your fellow street-style gurus will recognize and salute you for. Just in case you do have those days where you want to go bold, why not grab the Icons Tee in Red too? Up to you…



WNDRR Stomper Tee - Charcoal


WNDRR Stomper Tee - Off White


WNDRR Icons Tee - Black


WNDRR Icons Tee - Red


WNDRR Caution Panel Tee - Black / Grey / Blue


WNDRR Southway Vert Stripe Tee - Multi