Get down and gritty with fresh DGK tees!

If one of your summer goals is to turn some heads with a kickin new style, then don’t go past DGK. Perhaps your heart’s been in the streetwear game for a while, and if so, then you’ll already know the sass and spice that this iconic brand serve up. With their roots firmly planted in the skateboarding and gritty street-style scene, Dirty Ghetto Kids (or as we know them, DGK) have rocketed their way into the broader streetwear realm, with an ever-expanding repertoire of eye-catching, cutting-edge, tongue-in-cheek and innovative designs. It’s pretty much guaranteed that passersby will have to take a second glance at the in-your-face graphics on these new tees.  

Firstly, take a look at the Loaded Tee. This one is destined to fall in the hands of those who are all about that cash-money. Featuring a bold, red box full to the brim with bills, bills, bills; so much so they’re about to spill. You better watch your back; you might have peeps chasing. Next up, it’s the Rags Tee. The fella featured in this design has a whole lot of casual, cross-armed swag going on, as he leans on one beast of a ride. Looks like he may have just given it a polish, with that rag dangling from his waist. You won’t want to get too dirty in this tee; it’d be a crime to get it stained.

Speaking of nice rides, the Voyage Tee lets us take a peek inside. Those snazzy seats are filled with homies rolling, giving us some seriously fierce eyes. Perhaps, they’re calling you to be the fourth member; filling that spot in the backseat. If you’re game, get onboard and grab this tee. For a look a little more friendly, suss out the Connect Tee. Some may say this gangsta bear is just a big softie. Can you relate? Yes? Then, this is the one for you.

A classic design element of urban, grunge, and street fashion has long been a good ol’ skull or skeleton. The In Bloom Tee features just a head and a hand with a claw-like grip on a rose made of money; perhaps heeding the result of too much greed. Gotta love that gold tooth addition too! Last, but not least, it’s the Last Roll Tee, sporting not one skeleton, but three. Looks like they’re testing their luck in a game of dice. Don this tee and you’ll be cooler than ice.

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DGK Loaded Tee


DGK Rags Tee


DGK Last Roll Tee


DGK Connect Tee


DGK Voyage Tee


DGK In Bloom Tee