Emperor Apparel Mode Tee - White / Grey

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Emperor Apparel Mode Tee in White and Grey


Emperor Apparel is guided by three key principles:

  • Ensure superior quality is maintained in every product
  • Strict attention to detail on the cut and fit of our products
  • To remain unique, innovative and one step ahead 

The Fit: 
Unlike a large majority of brands on the market, everything Emperor Apparel do is completely custom. The Emperor Apparel t-shirt templates and silhouettes are created from scratch and are 100% unique to Emperor Apparel. Throughout the design process every measurement and dimension is heavily scrutinised to ensure the fit and cut of every product is perfect.  

Materials & Fabrics:
All materials and fabrics used on Emperor Apparel products are woven from scratch. They do not purchase pre-made fabric blends from open markets. Their product design process begins with sourcing the highest quality yarn. Once the yarn has been sourced and tested to ensure it meets our superior quality standards it is then woven together to create our famous custom blend .

Emperor Apparel work closely with their manufacturing team to ensure the production process is completed in an efficient and ethical manner. The production team visit the factories and conduct strict audits throughout the production process to ensure quality is maintained in every product. As a result of their close relationship with the manufacturing team ensures the manufacturing process is efficient and systematic which allows them to keep their pricing consistent and competitive. 


  • Custom Emperor Apparel superior quality fabric blend
  • Rose gold zip detailing on side seams
  • Classic crewneck
  • Emperor Apparel print detailing on cut and sew contrast panel


Emperor Apparel is the definition of style, grab your Emperor Apparel tee's from West Brothers today.