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Asics GELSAGA 180 - Black / Black

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$179.99 AUD
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Asics Tiger

Have your running shoes started talking to you? Think about your feet and consider upgrading to a new pair of ASICS. Well known for their striking technical designs, this famous footwear company was conceived in 1949 by found Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka in his lounge room in Kobe, Japan. The name ASICS was derived from the Latin expression, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano – a sound mind in a sound body – ASICS was established with the conviction that the most ideal approach to make a cheerful and solid way of life is to advance ones fitness and wellbeing. The main running shoe chosen by sports fans and expert competitors alike, ASICS Tiger is unmatched for specialized performance, quality and support. Always endeavoring to construct their image through specialized quality and pushing the boundaries of design.

Giving the body what it needs from athletic wear, ASICS Tiger is at the bleeding edge of the world in showcasing sports leisure. With committed analysts using best in class innovation, they observe and dissect physical development and make an interpretation of this into the planning of their unique shoes. A consistent mix of comfort and clean designs, ASICS intends to encourage proficient and recreational competitors to achieve their highest pinnacles of achievement. ASICS are glad to work with competitors and mentors to finely tune and improve their products. By working with those at the highest point of their field, the brand can combine their specialized skills enabling ASICS Tiger to build their brand and keep on creating the best ASICS shoes for all competitors. ASICS Afterpay and Zip Pay available at West Brothers with Fast Express Shipping.

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